GATE Online Test Series for Electronics and Communication Engineering

GATE Subject-Wise & Full-Syllabus Test Series for ECE 2017

Electronics and Communication Engineering is the utilization of everyday science and math applied to practical problems in the field of communications. It entails research, design, development and testing of the electronic stuff used in various communications systems. In GATE, the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering provides highly rewarding and greatly satisfying career opportunities in the field of terrestrial and extra terrestrial communication systems like optical fiber communication, television, telephones, cellular phones, consumer and entertainment devices to name a few.

Subject-wise and full-syllabus tests are designed for comprehensive coverage of the complete GATE syllabus in a systematic way

  • Eligibility - All eligible students for GATE 2017
  • Medium - English
  • Valid Till - March 31, 2017
  • Number Of Tests - 32 (20 Minor + 10 Major + 2 Open Tests)
Tuition Fee Service Tax Total Amount Payable 1173 176 1349/-

Dynamically Researched Question Bank prepared by best talent pool of the Nation at par with GATE standard to enhance your competitive spirit.

It gives you real time temperament for GATE exam, which helps you to increase your speed, accuracy and performance alongside.

Detailed analysis and feedback report after each test helps you to analyze each question and to identify and improve weaker areas with interactive dashboard.

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Schedule and Pattern of Online Test Series For GATE (ECE) 2017
(Session : 2016-17)
Test Name Test Pattern Opening Date* Closing Date* Status
Minor Test-1 EB-Networks-I
(33 Questions,50 Marks,90 Mins)
01/08/2016(Monday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Minor Test-2 EB-Networks-II
(33 Questions,50 Marks,90 Mins)
07/08/2016(Sunday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Minor Test-3 EB-Signals and Systems-I
(33 Questions,50 Marks,90 Mins)
13/08/2016(Saturday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Minor Test-4 EM-Linear Algebra & Numerical Methods
(33 Questions,50 Marks,90 Mins)
19/08/2016(Friday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Minor Test-5 GA:General Aptitude (Language and Analytical Skills)
(33 Questions,50 Marks,90 Mins)
25/08/2016(Thursday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Minor Test-6 EB-Signals and Systems-II
(33 Questions,50 Marks,90 Mins)
31/08/2016(Wednesday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Minor Test-7 EB-Electronic Devices
(33 Questions,50 Marks,90 Mins)
06/09/2016(Tuesday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Minor Test-8 EB-Analog Circuits-I
(33 Questions,50 Marks,90 Mins)
12/09/2016(Monday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Minor Test-9 EM-Calculus & Vector Analysis
(33 Questions,50 Marks,90 Mins)
18/09/2016(Sunday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Minor Test-10 GA:General Aptitude (Language and Analytical Skills)
(33 Questions,50 Marks,90 Mins)
24/09/2016(Saturday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Minor Test-11 EB-Analog Circuits-II
(33 Questions,50 Marks,90 Mins)
30/09/2016(Friday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Minor Test-12 EB-Digital Circuits
(33 Questions,50 Marks,90 Mins)
06/10/2016(Thursday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Minor Test-13 EB-Control Systems-I
(33 Questions,50 Marks,90 Mins)
12/10/2016(Wednesday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Minor Test-14 EM-Differentail Equation & Complex Analysis
(33 Questions,50 Marks,90 Mins)
18/10/2016(Tuesday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Minor Test-15 EB-Control Systems-II
(33 Questions,50 Marks,90 Mins)
24/10/2016(Monday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Minor Test-16 EB-Communications-I
(33 Questions,50 Marks,90 Mins)
30/10/2016(Sunday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Minor Test-17 GA:General Aptitude (Language and Analytical Skills)
(33 Questions,50 Marks,90 Mins)
05/11/2016(Saturday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Minor Test-18 EB-Communications-II
(33 Questions,50 Marks,90 Mins)
11/11/2016(Friday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Minor Test-19 EB-Electromagnetics
(33 Questions,50 Marks,90 Mins)
17/11/2016(Thursday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Minor Test-20 EM-Probability and Statistics
(33 Questions,50 Marks,90 Mins)
23/11/2016(Wednesday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Major Test-1 Full Syllabus
(65 Questions,100 Marks,180 Mins)
29/11/2016(Tuesday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Major Test-2 Full Syllabus
(65 Questions,100 Marks,180 Mins)
05/12/2016(Monday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Major Test-3 Full Syllabus
(65 Questions,100 Marks,180 Mins)
11/12/2016(Sunday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Major Test-4 Full Syllabus
(65 Questions,100 Marks,180 Mins)
17/12/2016(Saturday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Major Test-5 Full Syllabus
(65 Questions,100 Marks,180 Mins)
23/12/2016(Friday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Major Test-6 Full Syllabus
(65 Questions,100 Marks,180 Mins)
29/12/2016(Thursday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Major Test-7 Full Syllabus
(65 Questions,100 Marks,180 Mins)
04/01/2017(Wednesday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Major Test-8 Full Syllabus
(65 Questions,100 Marks,180 Mins)
11/01/2017(Wednesday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Major Test-9 Full Syllabus
(65 Questions,100 Marks,180 Mins)
18/01/2017(Wednesday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
Major Test-10 Full Syllabus
(65 Questions,100 Marks,180 Mins)
25/01/2017(Wednesday) 31/03/2017(Friday) Live
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