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  • I enrolled for ALLEN Gate Online Test Series. It helped me a lot to achieve AIR-9 in GATE-2017. The test series is good and it gave me great platform to practice the concepts & to know my weak points along with an insight of how to manage the time in exam. I would like to thank the whole ALLEN team for providing such good platform. Best Wishes to the future aspirants!

    • Nihar Ranjan Sahu
    • AIR 9(CS)
      GATE 2017
  • I joined ALLEN Gate Online Test Series to prepare for Engineering Mathematics section. The questions given in test series covers entire syllabus of engineering mathematics and pattern of the test series is as per the Actual GATE Exam. Test series also helped me to know my weaker areas where more focus is needed. Thus it prepared me well for the GATE Exam.

    • AIR 23(PE)
      GATE 2017
  • I have written all tests of the test series. All tests are good.

    • AIR 30(ME)
      GATE 2017
  • ALLEN Gate Online Test Series is thoroughly prepared & strictly follows GATE pattern. Each one of the test papers helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses and the level of questions was very much at par with GATE. It also got great feel of using virtual calculator in exam as it can be bit complicated to use it initially. The detailed analysis of each test was one of the very important preparation step and helped me greatly. My compliments to team ALLEN and Best Wishes for Future Aspirants.

    • AIR 35(CE)
      GATE 2017
  • Allen’s Gate Online Test Series Platform is entirely different from any other coaching institutes' online test series platform. It facilitates students to give exam (only wrongly answered questions) for the second time to know silly mistakes, bookmark questions for easy revision before the exam, which are also the highlights of Allen’s Gate online test series.

    • AIR 41(ECE)
      GATE 2017
  • T"Allen's Gate Online Test Series helped me a lot during my journey for GATE 2017. The questions were very conceptual and comprehensive and the solutions were apt and to the point. The variety of question pallet and coverage of the entire syllabus really helped me to familiarize with GATE question pattern."

    • AIR 48(ECE)
      GATE 2017
  • I would like to appreciate Allen Career Institute for my success in GATE 2017. First of all we already know about the success of Allen in field of Medical and IIT JEE. Just like that Allen also provide very excellent test series for GATE exam. Allen team forcasts very close pattern of gate questions with the help of which, I got AIR 64. Thanks Allen Career Institute.

    • AIR 64(PI)
      GATE 2017
  • The Gate Online Test Series was useful for practicing what I have learnt.

    • AIR 67(ECE)
      GATE 2017

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