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PSU's Recruiting through GATE

Last Updated: 08-07-2016

PSU’s are the government-owned corporations, termed as Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) in India. In a PSU majority (51% or more) of the paid up share capital is held by central government or by any state government or partly by the central governments and partly by one or more state governments.

Now days a large number of Engineering Graduates as well as Business school graduates increasingly prefer to work in public sector undertakings over Private entities owing to a plethora of factors including job security and lucrative salaries besides generous perks and special allowances.

GATE is an assurance of the applicant's potential to get selected for recruitment procedure. One needs to be very strong in fundamentals while appearing for the exam, as repetition from previous years question pattern is highly unlikely.

Securing good grades in GATE is an important criterion to get qualified for different Government Organizations and to embark on the journey of attaining highly coveted jobs in PSU’s.

Forty Five Plus PSU Recruitment Through Gate Categories Of PSUs

In India on the basis of Global Presence, Stock exchange, operation and general revenue the Public Sector Undertakings are classified in three Categories. They are:

  • 1.Maharatna PSU
  • 2.Navaratna PSU
  • 3.Mini-ratna PSU
There were total 27 PSUs that called GATE qualified candidates for direct interview in 2015 and total 39 PSUs in 2016,45 PSUs in 2017,45 PSUs in 2018.

These organizations release their own eligibility criteria, dates of recruitment and selection process and candidates with valid GATE score can apply.

Recruitment in Private Sector

Various reputed private companies prefer GATE qualified candidates for direct interview. In private sector, gate score help students during campus placement. A gate qualified student gets benefit over other students during the recruitment of core and software companies. Following is the sector wise list of such companies which consider GATE score-

1. Oil and Energy- Exxon Mobil, Reliance, Transocean, Chevron, Schlumberger

2. Finance- Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Citi Bank, HSBC

3. FMCG- HUL, ITC, Trident

4. Consulting- Mckinsey, KPMG, Deloitte

5. IT- Microsoft, Amazon

Top Reasons: Why PSU’s are hiring through GATE? 1. Recruiting the Finest Talent:

The biggest advantage for the PSU’s is that, they get to recruit from the vast sea of technological talent, i.e. qualified candidates through GATE. Candidates clearing GATE examination are amongst the top and finest Brains of Nation because of their proven sharp analytical and decision-making abilities. Such candidates can be referred as the ‘cream’ of the engineering domain. PSUs recruiting through GATE get the chance to recruit such talented candidates as their employees.

2. Advantage & Aid of a Single Exam:

GATE being a single examination, testing the candidates on their respective engineering discipline as well as on the analytical and decision-making abilities, provides PSU’s a great advantage by saving their time and effort of conducting examinations separately. Students writing & qualifying in this entrance exam have to be technologically sound in their respective specialization. Thus, PSUs can be sure that they will get the best candidates to select from. All this, with a single exam.

3. Credibility of an Online Exam:

GATE is now conducted online for all 22 streams, which ensures the confidentiality of the papers along with the reliability of Results. It is believed that the exam process is completely transparent. Moreover, this entrance exam is conducted by IITs & IISC, which makes the whole procedure unquestionable.

4. Dual Advantage for Student:

GATE Being a single exam to test the respective technological Skills along with analytical & decision making skill, serves as an advantage to engineering students by saving their time to prepare for different exams of each company. They just need to practice for a single exam pattern. On qualifying the exam, there are two options. Either they can go for post graduation or, they can opt for a job in PSUs. Candidates need to prepare from the engineering syllabus of their under-graduation or B.Tech which is a dual advantage so they don’t really need to check for extra material and they can study for GATE to get a direct entry to a good PSU.

5. Job Security, Good Package and other Alluring Perks:

PSU’s serves their employees with a number of advantages starting from a good decent pay, medical facilities, alluring perks and most importantly security of job. Pay Packages in PSU generally range from 5 lakhs -12 lakhs per annum, which is a good starting for aspirants under the age limit of 25-28 years (specified by each PSU separately).